Investment Approach – Overview

Global Healthcare Drivers:

Healthcare consumption & spending is accelerating


Implementation of Obamacare is significant opportunity


Significant increase in new drug trials & approvals


Increased M&A activity

Employ a fundamental, bottom-up investment approach:

  • Focus on investment ideas with an investment horizon of 6-18 months
  • Invest across all major healthcare sectors
  • Leverage proprietary research capabilities, expertise and extensive information network designed to identify less-crowded opportunities
  • Leverage U.S. investment expertise to identify opportunities globally
  • Employ active risk management approach focused on diversification, market exposure and liquidity

Non U.S. opportunities:

Four opportunities: 

  1. World class global companies domiciled outside the US
  2. Opportunities to arbitrage product launches in different markets
  3. Western companies with exposure to faster growing emerging markets
  4. Emerging market companies
  • Periodic visits to companies in Europe, India and China
  • Proprietary global valuation tables across sub-sectors enables Sivik to capitalize on valuation discrepancies across geographies